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AQIP Committee

Mary Moore (co-chair)
Vice President for Research, Planning & International Partnerships
Term: On-going

Connie Wilson (co-chair)
Faculty Campus AQIP Coordinator
Term: On-going

Kyoko Amano
Assistant Professor of English
Term: 2005-2008

Heidi Carl
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Term: 2005-2008

Michael Cartwright
Dean and Associate Professor, Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs
Term: 2005-2008

Billy Catchings
Associate Professor of Communication
Term: 2005-2008

Cory Clasemann (ex-officio)
Director of Institutional Research
Term: On-going

Bill Dynes
Professor of English
Term: 2006-2009

Chris Petrosino
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Term: 2005-2007

Beverley Pitts (ex-officio)
Term: On-going

Scott Uecker
General Manager, WICR/Instructor of Communication
Term: 2006-2007

Becki Umbreit
Administrative Assistant, Nursing
Term: 2006-2009

Zachary Voelz
Indianapolis Student Government (ISG) Representative
Term: 2006-2007

Gordon Wishard (ex-officio)
Board of Trustees Representative
Term: On-going

Sheela Yadav
Associate Professor of Business
Term: 2006-2009