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Current Action Projects

Action Projects are a method by which institutions focus their quality improvement efforts on specific areas. By always having at least three action projects underway at all times, institutions are able to more narrowly, yet specifically, focus their efforts onto areas that are opportunities for improvement. When one action project is retired, another one is commenced to take this place. This helps ensure that the quality improvement cycle is a continuous.

Because helping students learn is at the core of a college/university's mission, one action project must always focus on this area (more detailed explanation of how action projects function within AQIP). Currently, the University of Indianapolis has the following ongoing action projects.

Word documentAligning AQIP Processes with the Strategic Plan (32 KB, 2 pages)

Word documentFacilitating the Assessment of the University-wide Learning Goals (51 KB, 2 pages)

Word documentRedesign of Annual Reports (50 KB, 3 pages)